Nicholas Sibson Limited has been established to support companies in the adoption and improvement of Agile, and in particular Scrum, in their software development processes. Many companies are currently selecting Scrum as the way to gain speed and flexibility in their development activities and finding that the framework itself is not sufficient to answer all the challenges that the replacement of waterfall methodologies bring in the corporate environment.

We have experience in providing solutions to those challenges and in helping with the adoption of Agile, without loss of control or the acceptance of increased risk in order to obtain the undoubted increase in productivity and flexibility.

The move from methodology to framework requires a change in the way we think about software development and implementation, and a move away from prevention and monitoring to empowerment and achievement whilst remaining aligned with the business goals.

If you are experiencing concerns about the move to Agile, or are considering moving to the use of Scrum, then let us help you move to the next level in IT performance.

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